TRANSLOCATIONS – Body and new formats

by Silvia Ospina

A research project supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Since some years I have bee exploring the Dance as Ritual, understanding it’s origin on it’s dramatic character and collective experience.
During this pandemic months I have been accumulated my wish to research much more into this deep relation, having now in perspective the mediation of dance, that during the context of the pandemic, has developend an evident translocation of dance, mostly a live art, from the analogue to a pure digital/audiovisual experience .

I have been exploring into the field of dance and audiovisual media since around 10 years. Even though, the actual context put my research into in new total perspective, because this transfer present itself not just as a possibility but as a need and mandate for all dancers and choreographers; How we have been experienced during the last months, we are forced to move our dance into new formats and unknow possibilities, to keep it alive and in relation to the others.

The transfer of dance to the digital/audiovisual became a mandate during the last months. The understanding of Dance as Ritual, on it’s dramatic character and collective experience, poses new challenges in this new context

“The history of the body is the history of human beings, for there is no cultural practice that is not first applied to the body. Even if we limit ourselves to speak of the history of the body in capitalism we face an overwhelming task, so extensive have been the techniques used to discipline the body, constantly changing, depending on the shifts in labor regimes to which our body was subjected to. Moreover, we do not have one history but different histories of the body: the body of men, of women, of the waged worker, of the enslaved, of the colonized.
A history of the body then can be reconstructed by describing the different forms of repression that capitalism has activated against it.
Our struggle then must begin with the re-appropriation of our body, the revaluation and rediscovery of its capacity for resistance, and expansion and celebration of its powers, individual and collective”.

Silvia Federici “In Praise of the Dancing Body

This research give me the possibility to observe the capacity and the impact of dance in the social and communal aspects of different contexts, feeding my wish for Utopias as well, where dance exists to explores itself on the role of communal connection with a specific local community.


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