Tierra que piso, tierra que beso


“Tierra que piso, tierra que beso” 20 Min. Italy, 2009

Dance performance: Silvia OSPINA.
with music improvisations from Edson VELANDIA, Coro di Bosa, Jani, Bebo, Pinuccio SCIOLA; Costume: Jelena MILETIC;
Photography: Alwin LAY

Oltre I Murales,   Sansperate, Sardegna.


„During the days that I will spend in San
Sperate I will record different sounds from
the town and I will mix them, to create the
final sound for a dance performance, that
will be presented in a public space choose
by myself.
I want to create an “ephimeral monument”
about the fact to meet a new territory: to
bring my body (place where my past and my
history is printed) in relation with the
reality from this space.
This performance will express the image of
a body that collect experiences, conflicts,
and get in to different transformations as
part of this process of exchange“


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