Solo Performance by Silvia Ospina 
For Sonia 

10 Min. 2022

Premiere April 16th 2022 at Teatro Santander de Bucaramanga

TODAS LAS SANGRES originates from the idea of conciliation between opposites, diverse. It is a ritual of movement, about the body’s capacity to transform itself and cohabit with various belief systems within itself.

TODAS LAS SANGRES takes as a reference the Sarabanda, a musical rhythm, migrant, nomadic and transcultural, which originates around the year 1539 with Arab influences in the Spanish territory, to then travel to the Spanish colonies of Central America and later expand as a court dance in France and Italy, during the XVII century.

The Sarabanda, in TODAS LAS SANGRES, is a symbol of syncretism; of the adaptation, appropriation, and organic result of the cultural and aesthetic transfers that popularly and artistically are integrated from the fascination for the exchange of knowledge and crossing of influences; in opposition to the ideologies, almost always motivated by the desire of division, oppression and domination of the peoples.

TODAS LAS SANGRES is also the title of a novel by the Peruvian writer José María Arguedas, whose life and literary expression is also the inspiration for this dance.

Choreography & Performance: Silvia Ospina

Light & Sound Concept: Catalina Fernández

Music: George Frederic Händel. Suite No.4 forHarpsichord In D Minor IV Sarabande  Harpsichord: Olivier Baumont

Michael Rauter. Klangbox III. Geist beruhigen: III. Dwayne 

General Assistance: Maria Sonia Casadiego

Production Management: Andrés Rodriguez “Trucha”

Technical Direction: Richard Gomez

Produced by Körper & Medium, with the support of CORDILLERA Raum für Körper und Utopien and Teatro Santander de Bucaramanga, Colombia.