ORBITA Trilogy


This  performance, a transdisciplinary composition of 3 parts created for an specific space, took place in Bucaramanga, Colombia at the atelier from the local artist Máximo Flórez. Reunited under the concept of ORBITA: tension and structure as weave, the performance is the result of an experiment, that explores on temporary dialogues and new ways of collaboration between the artists. The performance proposes itself as a live texture, where all the elements: dance, music, light and objects, meet together to find in their communion the organic form of an esthetic, but above all a room of transformation and experience.

Andrés Rodriguez “Trucha” – DJ
Javier Gomez – Music
Leandro Ruiz – Music
Maria Lucía Agón – Dance
Maria Sonia Casadiego – Dance
Máximo Flórez – Installation
Silvia Ospina – Dance

Camera: Raúl Gutierrez & Álvaro Hernández
Editing: TanzFilmBerlin

A Project by Silvia Ospina

Bucaramanga Berlin 2020

1. Chapter: eternalreturn