New Stage piece!!! ECHOES OF THE STONES

Premiere 8.10 at Ballhaus Naunynstraße

Echoes of the Stones is an invitation to step out of the familiar structure, to go in search of the old and new, circular collaborations.

The dancer and choreographer Silvia Ospina has teamed up with the narrator Aliza Yanez, the musician and composer Biliana Voutchkova and the video artist Claire Fristot to create their own artistic cosmos from their experiences. Because it takes living memories for a tomorrow; it takes a dreamlike designing for a meaningful yesterday. Counter-designs. Development arises from the circle.

Mountains, rivers, seas, celestial bodies, animals and gods – the mythological counterparts of man – were torn from their symbolic orbits. Back when the conquistadors set sail. When they began to define all living things as material and to exploit them dead or alive according to the standards they set. The current crisis gives birth to new forces – of renewed repression, but also of resistance and self-determination.

Dancer and choreographer Silvia Ospina has been working on combining dance and video for years. Echoes of the Stones is her first full-length production at Ballhaus Naunynstraße.

Direction & Choreography: Silvia Ospina
Text: Aliza Yanes
Choreography Assistance: Laura Alonso
Light design: Catalina Fernandez
Video Mapping: Claire Fristot
Stage: Michi Muchina
Costume: Marian Nketiah
Composition & Music: Biliana Voutchkova
Performance: Claire Fristot, Silvia Ospina, Biliana Voutchkova, Aliza Yanes.

Production from Landscapes & Fauna: Carlos Rincón “Kalú”, Alejandro Calderón, Laura Gomez Unda – Endémica Studios

  • Premiere Friday 08.10. , Saturday, 09.10., 20:00h
  • Sunday, 10.10., 19:00h
  • Monday 11.10., Tuesday 12.10.  20:00h

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A production by Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH, supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds


Extremely excited about the new showing of the film STELLAR FLUVIAL on the context of MAGMA Translokales Performance Treffen
The FilmWeb will be for the first time presented as projection and on the full analog garden of @cordilleraberlin 

STELLAR FLUVIAL is a translocal production made in the middle of the pandemic, between artists located in Berlin and Bucaramanga. The digital space, sound and music upload it to download again to our bodiex, together on this netzsult.
Berliner friends I hope to meet you there!

Saturday. 18.9 at 19:00  @cordilleraberlin  | To visit : 3G

MAGMA Translokales Performance-Treffen

Me and my colleagues from Die Körpergemeinschaft e.V are extremely happy to announce the first venue at our beautiful @CordilleraBerlin space. After a year of continuous work under pandemic conditions, we are overjoyed to receive you in Berlin-Oberschöneweide with MAGMA translokales Performance-Treffen from September 3 to October 31, 2021. In and around the studio C O R D I L L E R A Raum für Körper und Utopien, Die Körpergemeinschaft presents artistic works developed by locally anchored and internationally active artists of our network. The transdisciplinary search for lived utopias for a future in the diversity of perspectives on DANCE is common to all performances.

Check here for infos & updates !

Remembrances from another world

A summer encounter in Palermo, Sicily

Premiere next week

Register to get the link for the Live streaming!


STELLAR FLUVIAL by Silvia Ospina

Online Premiere on 13 NovemberMARYKeep posted for more news and updates

Planting a seed in local BERLIN

I’m happy to present a new space for the body and the utopias in Berlin.

C O R D I L L E R A  ~  Raum für Körper und Utopien
A project by Die Körpergemeinschaft, supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.
Space on process! Keep posted for news and updates.


To celebrate  the World Dance Day we present today, the first part of ORBITA Trilogy, a transdisciplinary composition of 3 parts created for an specific space, in Bucaramanga, Colombia at the beginning of this year. Reunited under the concept of ORBITA: tension and structure as weave, the performance is the result of an experiment, that explores on temporary dialogues and new ways of collaboration between the artists.

EPHEMERES MONUMENT joins a festival for contemporary moving images

We are happy to announce that our film EPHEMERES MONUMENT, a collective creation made between young new Berliners and the ensemble of artists DIE KÖRPERGEMEINSCHAFT, is joining this week the festival for contemporary moving images Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, that will take place in Paris from February 25t to March 1, 2020. If you are around come and take a look to our work!


Una artesanía transdisciplinar

A new performance/creation 2020, made in Bucaramanga, Colombia! More infos about this work coming soon!



For the first time we will show the film “EPHEMERES MONUMENT” in Bucaramanga. Come and join !


Check here an interview in spanish to know more about the process of this film and project.


On February 2019, we had the opportunity to share our film EPHEMERES MONUMENT at café “Pas Si Loin” an association that animates a space for cultural encounters at Quatre-Chemins de Pantin, Paris, which goal is to create social bonds and foster cooperations between neighbourhood actors, at the same time that propose different types of artistic and every day life activities. Thanks to Kathalin Patkai for the invitation and Pilar Jaramillo for make it possible. We loved to be here!



Sharing some thoughts about dance and diversity on the November edition of TanzRaumBerlin.



I’m very happy to share the teaser of KONTAKTRAUM project!
Thanks to María José Román for this beautiful video, a short documentation of the project we did during the last winter.
The video images are moving together with the great music of Edson Velandia, that accompanied us too with his music during our cold days and meetings with the young’s in Berlin.


For the summer semester, we got the opportunity to develop a new edition of KONTAKTRAUM, a cultural education project with young’s from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Poland, Gambia & Eritrea. During this semester we have been working in the creation of an audio-visual product that we will share with the public.

Thursday 28th June. MOVIEMENTO Kino Berlin Kreuzberg
Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin.

Free entrance! Come and join us!



A project with a great ensemble of youngs from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran & Eritrea! The winter edition happened from november 2017 until march 2018.

flyer_01 copy


At “Archipiélago”, on the context of -Post-Konflikt Kolumbien – Symposium, at KHM.  Glasmoog, 08.02. – 03.03.2018
See you in Köln!

_NIK0252 copy2.jpg

SMOKE LAND es una creación escénica interpretada y dirigida por Silvia Ospina. La obra  se arraiga en el paisaje del departamento de Santander, y se relaciona con el conflicto, generado por la tenencia de la tierra y el ejercicio del poder político.


Together with my colleague Oktavia Vöhringer we created on 2017 the cultural education project KONTAKTRAUM, in Berlin. I’m happy to announce that since October we are working on this project, and we are excited about the process that we will have during the winter. Thanks to our great team, Nicolas Lartaun, Citlali Huezo, Valentina Bianda, Alexander Carrillo and María José Román for join us in this adventure.



An interdisciplinary encounter


Premiere the 28th April at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse

It’s a pleasure for me to join the third edition of the “PERMANENTE BEUNRUHIGUNG VOL. III”, to create and share with the local artists Sofia Borges, Isabel Gonzalez Toro and Juliana Piquero. For two days we will work together in this constellation, to experiment with our relations and the way how we deal with them.  The result of this experience will be exposed in a final show for the audience.

Do not miss it!!

28. & 29. April 2017 at 20 Uhr

Eintritt 5 € / 3 €


Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in February

Choreocinema: Bewegung im Film


13. Februar 2017, 20:00 Uhr

Die Februarausgabe von In-between Performative Films zeigt Filmarbeiten, die mit performativen und choreografischen Elementen experimentieren.

Im Fokus der Filmreihe In-between Performative Films stehen Künstler*innen, die sich außerhalb patriarchaler, weißer und nationaler Produktions- und Förderungsbedingungen bewegen.

Im Anschluss findet eine Diskussionsrunde mit der Regisseurin und Choreografin Silvia Ospina statt, moderiert von Simon(e) J. Paetau.

Eintritt 5 € / 3 €


ÓRBITA a new solo performance