The dancer and choreographer Silvia Ospina has teamed up with the narrator Aliza Yanes, the musician and composer Biliana Voutchkova and the video artist Claire Fristot to create their own artistic cosmos from their experiences. Because it takes living memories for a tomorrow; it takes a dreamlike designing for a meaningful yesterday. Counter-designs. Development arises from the circle.

Mountains, rivers, seas, celestial bodies, animals and gods – the mythological counterparts of humans – were torn from their symbolic orbits. The current crisis gives birth to new forces – of renewed repression, but also of resistance and self-determination.

A dance piece, and an invitation to step out of the familiar structure, to go in search of the old and new, circular collaborations.

Direction & Choreography: Silvia Ospina
Text: Aliza Yanes
Choreography Assistance: Laura Alonso
Light design: Catalina Fernandez
Video Mapping: Claire Fristot
Stage: Michi Muchina
Costume: Marian Nketiah
Composition & Music: Biliana Voutchkova
Performance: Claire Fristot, Silvia Ospina, Biliana Voutchkova, Aliza Yanes.

Production from Landscapes & Fauna: Carlos Rincón “Kalú”, Alejandro Calderón, Laura Gomez Unda – Endémica Studios.

A project in Residence @CordilleraBerlin

A production by Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH, supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Premiere 8.10.2021 at 20:00

Futher performances on Saturday 09.10., 20:00h

Sunday, 10.10., 19:00h

Monday 11.10., Tuesday 12.10., 20:00h