Expanded Movement

Body, Action & Context

movement for all

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The class works basically on technical and expressive aspects of the body movement, involving the personal body experience in relation with the space and the others. We focus on the anatomy and the conscious of weight to create an approach to the movement with elements from contemporary/modern dance and complementaries body techniques. The aim is to enrich the experience of the body through increased awareness; managing energy and strength to develop the full potential into movement.

Der Unterricht beinhaltet Technik und Ausdruck von Körperbewegungen, mit denen unser Körper in Beziehung zum Raum und anderen teilnehmer gesetzt wird. Dabei wollen wir uns mit Hilfe von an Anatomie und die der Bedeutung von bestimmten Elementen aus dem zeitgenössischen Tanz/modern dance nähern und dadurch weitere

Silvia Ospina conducted  7 years the Movement Laboratory for the Physical Theater and Acting department at  the Folkwang Universität der Künste. She offered to the students Movement training, Improvisation and Composition classes.

Her coaching for movement and creative process took place too at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and at UIS-Artes Bucaramanga; she gave courses where the dialogue between Movement-Body  and Arts-Media where on focus.

As the result of many years of  teaching and practicing movement, she creates Expanded Movement.  Every experience she has as dancer, performer, choreographer and as visual artist has adding an element to this proposal of body-movement-connection work. Expanded Movement is condensed knowledge ready to be shared to movers, non movers, dancers, artists and any others wanting to concentrate and to rediscover the body and his potencial; It can be useful to keep developing  an artistic question and for every day situation.