Concept/ Direction: Silvia OSPINA;  Performance/Dance: Jennyfer CARO, Laura BARRAGAN, Sara FONSECA; Music: Aldo ZOLEV; Scenography: Carlos RIOS; Video Projection/Mapping: Edna OROZCO; Light Design: Claudia TOBÓN; Photography: Carlos Mario LEMA

Produced by Ministerio de Cultura Colombia.




60 Min. Colombia , 2014












BOUDOIR is a piece about the construction of femininity in Latin America. Based on texts von Beatriz P. Preciado, we created a performance that reflects about the farmaco-porno society and misogyny. The boudoir, a wood cabinet made centrally by a mirror, becomes in this piece the screen where the imaginary of the contemporary latin woman is reconstructed with the help of media. The object, appears as an altar in which a human body exposes a kind of nature with the intention of averting a transformation.The boudoir plays the symbolic rol of a colonial heritage which brought the conflict between the knowledge of the european world and the traditions of primitive and local cultures; BOUDOIR exposes the trouble and reveals the model of the urban women in Latin America, which is circulating among postcolonial imaginary of western and the one established by the creole cultural heritage.