It’s a space, not a place; limitless, without beginning; their voices vibrate, a song ! the road ! every step, perpetual ton.

NOMADEN2“Nomaden” 40 Min HD. Germany, 2013

Direction/Concept/Choreography: Silvia OSPINA; Camera: Marcel FRANKEN; Musical Direction; Johannes EIMERMACHER; Performance/Choreography: Lisa BALZER, Vera GOOS, Moritz FLEITER, Lihito KAMIYA, Daniel MATHEUS, Oliver MÖLLER, Anja SIGNITZER, Ramona SURESH, Sindy TSCHERRIG; Editing: Silvia OSPINA; Sound MIx: Robert KEILBAR; Sound Design: Jonathan KASTL/ Torsten LANG; Sound: Johannes EIMERMACHER/Katia SEPÚLVEDA;Titles: Benjamin RAMIRÈZ PERÈZ.

Produced by KHM & supported by Folkwang Universität der Künste.


Nomaden provides a visceral understanding of the urban landscape by focusing closely on human movement and connection. A group of performers interacts with their surroundings and each other, moving in turn through an ultra-modern cityscape, suburban lots, abandoned buildings of an earlier era, and finally, nature. A dance made specifically for film, Nomaden offers the viewer a body-centered perspective on the effects of architecture and the larger shared narrative of modern-day tensions and feelings of placelessness.