by Silvia Ospina

Produced by Körper & Medium. Supported with funds for – Dance Creation – by the Ministry of Culture Colombia 2020

Returning to the earth is not only an economic factor for survival, it is also a spiritual factor, because it means reconnecting with a world of forces greater than ourselves.” Silvia Federici

STELLAR FLUVIAL is a dance film, proposed as a digital space for a media encounter. The film is a transoceanic creation that, confronted with the physical distancing imposed by the pandemic, is woven with audiovisual and digital resources to virtually materialize an encounter between artists located in Bucaramanga, Colombia and Berlin, Germany. Digital space, sound, dance and music virtually intersect with the performing bodies to create a moment of creation and communion, mediated by the network.

STELLAR FLUVIAL reveals as an imagery of sound, bodies and mixed landscapes, that express about a cosmic order, as the utopia of finding ourselves planetary in a new cosmogony: a vision for the restoration of our relation with the land, traces and new technologies.

Premiere Online 13/14 Noviembre  20:00

Direction & Choreography: Silvia Ospina; Performance, Creation & Dance: Maria Lucia Agón, Maria Sonia Casadiego, Silvia Ospina; Architecture and concept of Scales: Máximo Flórez; Music & Sound Composition: Javier Mendoza, Leandro Ruiz, Andrés Rodriguez “Trucha”; Camera: Álvaro Hernández, Simon Paetau; Photography: Lucia Bartl, Álvaro Hernández; Camera assistance: Raúl Gutierrez; Chroma Key: Reynaldo Cabeza; Soundmix: Andrés Rodriguez “Trucha”; Costumes Claudia Romero; General Assistance & Script: Jeniffer Forero; Visual Production from Landscapes & fauna: Carlos Rincón “Kalú”, Alejandro Calderón – Endémica Studios; Editing concept and Montage: Silvia Ospina; Design: Via Grafik; Streaming: Morpho Estudio Creativo

Supported by

La C Bucaramanga, Endémica Studios Bogotá, Die Körpergemeinschaft e.V, Cordillera ~ Raum für Körper und Utopien Berlin.

Women have been the caretakers of life. The tradition of their struggles for the defence of land and resources has been the set of attitudes and behaviours that seek the autonomy and restoration of different societies and communities. In STELLAR FLUVIAL this care is transported throughout the visual and choreographic narrative, embodied in three women, each of whom seems to belong to different and parallel times. The women accompany each other on a pilgrimage, where the feeling of protection, collectivity and exchange between them allows them to cross and transcend time.

The space concept on the film, is defined by the body; disciplines it and at the same time offers it the freedom to think of itself in a new way. The interior/exterior space, the re-signification of the landscape, the crossed time, are some of the concepts that move within the film and create a re-connection with the viewer’s imagination.

In STELLAR FLUVIAL each image is a proposal to reconnect with intuition; As a digital craft, the dance film is built faithful to its own material, while proposing an aesthetic for working with audiovisual media, in resonance with the body-performer and its narrative needs.

As an audiovisual format, STELLAR FLUVIAL has been originally designed to be premiered on the Web, proposing a montage and edition that, taking advantage of the working circumstances given by the pandemic, takes the liberty to rethink the narrative possibilities through the digital medium, as well as to envision “a new world” for these forms of interaction and creation.