Performance project conducted by Silvia Ospina

Developed in the framework of Laboratorio de Creación at the EMA Escuela Municipal de Artes de Bucaramanga

Supported by CORDILLERA Raum für Körper und Utopien

In collaboration with Maria Casadiego Arias & El dj Trucha

Performance at Paseo del Comercio de Bucaramanga | April 20th 2022

Photo documentation by Charly Galvan

The -Laboratorio de Creación- of the Escuela Municipal de Artes de Bucaramanga, and CORDILLERA Raum für Körper und Utopien from Berlin, Germany, invite students and teachers from different areas to participate in the meeting and artistic intervention Promenade 959, a performance installation in the urban space led by the dancer and choreographer Silvia Ospina. Promenade 959 is proposed as an experience of collective transdisciplinary creation, with a methodology of exploration, action and exchange in public space.

Thanks to Isabel Serrano