at every day life movement

an encounter conducted by Silvia Ospina

RITUAL DE POCHE is a research project that implements a practice of constant exchange between artists and local communities, integrating the artistic work with the residents into the historical, socio-political and economic realities. It’s engage performatively with questions about CARE-SHARE-CONNECT in a creative process based on various experiences and needs

During the time that this research takes place, we repeatedly get in touch with local places in the district, where old residents as well as newcomers come together. Artists and residents meet in a recurring guided artistic exchange space and together develop an understanding of each other’s reality and practice. After months of pandemic, Ritual de Poche seek to connect physical well-being and mental health in urban and public contexts, raising awareness to perceive and use the body as a place of power.

The goal is to create a momentum in which we can connect the performative experience with the needs of people in the district and create opportunities for a “communal platform” that residents* and artists* play on together. With this method we open up different public places in the district and stage rituals of everyday life as performative sequences. In this way, familiar images and movements of bodies in public places are questioned and put into new perspectives. Everyday behavior becomes social choreography.

The visibility of different bodies moving in public space in an unfamiliar way and quietness creates a conscious interruption of the everyday and a return to the power that lies in the presence in one’s own body.