by Silvia Ospina

Returning to the earth is not only an economic factor for survival, it is also a spiritual factor, because it means reconnecting with a world of forces greater than ourselves.” 

Silvia Federici

A Körper & Medium production

Direction & Choreography: Silvia Ospina; Performance, Creation & Dance:   Maria Lucia Agón, Maria Sonia Casadiego, Silvia Ospina; Architecture and concept of Scales:  Máximo Flórez; Music & Sound Composition: Javier Mendoza, Leandro Ruiz, Andrés Rodriguez “Trucha”; Camera: Álvaro Hernández, Simon Paetau; Photography:  Lucia Bartl, Álvaro Hernández; Camera assistance: Raúl Gutierrez; Chroma Key: Reynaldo Cabeza; Soundmix: Andrés Rodriguez “Trucha”; Costumes  Claudia Romero; General Assistance & Script: Jeniffer Forero; Visual Production from Landscapes & fauna: Carlos Rincón “Kalú”, Alejandro Calderón – Endémica Studios; Editing concept and Montage: Silvia Ospina; Design: Via Grafik.

Supported by

La C Bucaramanga, Endémica Studios Bogotá, Die Körpergemeinschaft e.V, Cordillera ~ Raum für Körper und Utopien Berlin.